Nevada Governor

Nevada – Governor Race, Who is running?

Updated 6/15/14

Incumbent – Brian Sandoval (R), since 2010. Up for election in 2014.

Was an ex-Federal Judge.

David Lory Vanderbeek (Constitution Party). Young candidate with corruptoproof fire in his belly.
Chris Hyepock (D)
Robert E. “Bob” Goodman (D)
David Gibson (Green Party)
Fernardo Lopes (D)
Charles Chang (D)
Frederick L. Conquest (D)
Stephen H. “Steve” Frye (D)
Eddie “In Liberty” Hamilton (R)
Gary Marinch (R)
Allen Rheinhart (D)
John P. Rutledge (D)
Abdul H. Shabazz (D)
William “Bill” Tarbell (R)
Thomas J. Tighe (R)

2 thoughts on “Nevada Governor

  1. David Lory VanDerBeek is running for Governor of NV up for elections 2014. Why is his name not listed, nor was it listed when he ran 2012 against the Senate.

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